Forsus Springs

My doctor said I may need a Forsus Spring? What does a forsus spring used for?
A forsus spring appliance is used to correct short lower jaws, or those not wearing their elastics.

What should I expect when wearing the forsus springs?
You will initially feel some pressure on the teeth and discomfort. Advil or Tylenol will be helpful the first few days. Avoid hard or sticky foods. Reduce your food into smaller pieces.

How wide can I open my mouth when wearing the forsus springs?
Normal mouth opening for eating and speaking. Try not to open your mouth very wide while wearing your appliance, otherwise it may deform, separate or loosen a molar band, requiring a return visit to the orthodontist's office.

How long will I have to wear my forsus springs?
It's important to keep all your scheduled appointments to check progress. The length of time for the appliance varies, depending on the level of correction needed for each case.