Lingual Arch / Palatal Bar

What is this?
The lingual /palatal wire is a fixed appliance used in the upper and/or lower dental arch. It is composed of a sturdy wire that runs along the inside of the teeth and attaches to bands on the six year molars.

What does it do?
The special appliance can be used in several ways. Most often it is used
to hold space in the dental arch as the permanent teeth develop and erupt in
the mouth. It can also be used to do some minor teeth movement. maintain
arch width after expansion and/or function as a long term retainer.

Will I talk like this the whole time I have braces?
Talking may be a little harder at first, but this goes away once you are used to it. Applying soft wax to the spot where the appliance attaches to your bands will keep your tongue from getting sore and thus improve speech. We recommend using the wax primarily during sleeping hours for the first week. It is helpful to dry off the area first before applying the wax, a facial tissue will work for this.

It's hard to eat. What can I do?
Initially meal times can be a bit awkward, it is important for the first three days to stick to liquids and soft foods, such as eggs, yogurt, mashed potatoes, pasta, etc. After this short period of getting used to it, most foods can be consumed, especially when cut into small pieces. However, you should continue to say away from hard foods, ( raw carrots, nuts, ice cubes, hard candy ) and sticky foods ( gum, caramels,chewy candy).

Do I have to do anything to take care of it?
It is important to keep your appliance clean. Plaque and tartar can collect on it so we recommend a quick rinse or scrub after meals and then, at least once a day, scrub your appliance thoroughly with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Brushing thoroughly around the edges of the molar bands will keep the gum tissue healthy.

What if it comes loose or falls out?
It is possible that your appliance could break or become loose in your mouth. This happens rarely, but if it does, call the office so we can make an appointment to repair it.