Tongue Thrust Appliances

What is a tongue habit?
A "tongue habit" is simply defined as the habit of pushing the tongue forward against the teeth at rest or while swallowing. We swallow from 1200 to 2000 times every 24 hours with about 4 pounds of pressure per swallow. The constant pressure of the tongue will cause the teeth out of alignment. The tongue habit is an involuntary habit that is difficult to correct.

How long it will be in my mouth?
The appliance is attached to the molar bands and consists of a fence in the front to prevent the tongue from resting on the anterior teeth. The appliance will be in the patient's mouth until the orthodontist considers that the habit is corrected.

Is it going to hurt?
It does not hurt since the appliance only works as a protective barrier, but the patient may have difficulty talking, eating and brushing their teeth. Of course this is only during the time you have the appliance on.

What is the possibility of correction?
With the commitment and cooperation of the patient and parents the correction is possible in most cases with the use of the appliance to eliminate the habit.