Why Should I Get Braces?

A beautiful smile is not only beneficial for your personal appearance, but is also beneficial for your personal health.

Straight and evenly spaced teeth are easier to clean, which leads to better oral hygiene. Crooked and crowded teeth can be hard to clean thoroughly. Inability to access areas where teeth are crowded can contribute to gum disease, tooth decay and eventually loss.

Additionally, straight teeth and proper bite function allows people to chew food better, which could help with digestion.

Ensuring proper bite function and tooth alignment may reduce stress and strain on your supporting bone and tissue and therefore reduce headaches. What may be minor orthodontic issues now may worsen, contributing to the wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing, excessing gum stress and misalignment of jaw joints.

Why would I need braces?

Crowding of the Teeth
Too many teeth in too little a space

Missing Teeth / Gaps
Too few teeth in a space leaving gaps between the teeth

Front teeth do not touch. A malocclusion in which the teeth do not close or come together in the front of your mouth.

Lower front teeth inside of upper teeth. A malocclusion where some of your upper teeth close down behind your lower teeth when you bite down.

Front teeth protrude. A vertical overlapping of the upper teeth over the lower teeth.

Deep Overbite
Upper front teeth bite into the palate. A malocclusion where the upper teeth cover the lower teeth entirely or almost entirely when biting down.