Why Navarro Orthodontix?

The doctors at Navarro Orthodontix take a comprehensive approach to diagnose the complete current and future oral status of the patient. Every patient's case is completely documented with extraoral, intraoral and cephalometric xrays. The patient’s photos are read and studied to identify how to create balance in the face. A full dental impression is formed of each patient’s teeth and soft tissues and made into a model by the Navarro Orthodontix Labs for placement into an articulator, a device used to reproduce normal movements during chewing. Using the articulator, the Navarro Diagnostic team studies not only how the teeth fit but how the jaws are related. Tooth alignment without attention to bite correction is cosmetic dentistry. Navarro Orthodontix goes beyond cosmetic dentistry. We provide first and foremost, treatments to improve the patient's oral health and overall well being. The cosmetic elements that come with the diagnostic treatment are an added benefit. We strive to provide our patients wtih the best of both worlds through our technologically advanced diagnoses and treatments.

Navarro Orthodontix Treatment Philosophy

  • Facilitate the basic principles of human chewing system
  • Set specific, clear treatment goals
  • Create a reasonable, understandable, clinical application
  • How do we get the patient to his/her goals?
  • How do we help the patient understand his/her role in the treatment process?

The goals of treatment for each patient are the same:

  • Oral Health
  • Functional Bite
  • Facial Balance
  • Stability
  • Jaw Joint Health
  • Patient Satisfaction