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Our Practice & Core Values

At Navarro Orthodontix, we weave expertise and compassionate care into a tapestry of smiles. Led by the seasoned Dr. Carlos Francisco Navarro, DDS, MSD, our practice embraces a holistic approach to orthodontics, marrying innovative technology with tried-and-true methodologies to craft optimal dental solutions.

From the delicate jaws of young children to the unique needs of our adult patients, we navigate the spectrum of orthodontic care with precision, offering a pantheon of services, such as Computer-Generated Individualized Treatments, Accelerated Orthodontics, and Aligner Technology, among others. Located in the heart of Irving, TX, our clinic is not just a space but a community where beautiful, confident smiles are nurtured.

Navigating the journey towards impeccable oral health, Navarro Orthodontix is deeply rooted in core values guiding every interaction and treatment plan. Patient-centricity is the keystone of our practice, and we strive tirelessly to curate an environment and solutions that prioritize comfort, efficacy, and optimal outcomes for our patients.

Integrity and Compassion envelop our approach, ensuring that our services are delivered with utmost honesty and empathetic understanding toward every individual’s unique dental journey.

Additionally, we uphold a staunch commitment to Excellence and Innovation, continuously evolving our practice to integrate the latest technologies and methodologies in orthodontic care, thus ensuring that Navarro Orthodontix remains synonymous with top-tier, progressive dental solutions. With these values, we mold a practice that is not just a dental clinic but a haven where smiles are crafted and celebrated.

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  • Patient-Centric Approach: At Navarro Orthodontix, every patient is valued and treated with personalized care, ensuring a comfortable and empowering orthodontic journey tailored to individual needs and preferences.
  • Integrity in Practice: We commit to ethical and transparent practices, ensuring that each patient is provided with honest advice, clear communication, and thorough understanding of their treatment plan.
  • Compassionate Care: Our team embraces a culture of empathy and understanding, ensuring that every interaction is approached with kindness, respect, and a genuine desire to improve our patients’ oral health and overall well-being.
  • Excellence and Quality: Driven by a dedication to superior outcomes, we consistently pursue the highest standards in orthodontic care, ensuring each patient benefits from top-quality treatments and results.
  • Innovation and Progress: Navarro Orthodontix places a premium on integrating advanced technologies and innovative methodologies into our practice, ensuring our patients benefit from the most effective and efficient treatments available in modern orthodontic care.
Carlos Francisco Navarro, D.D.S., M.S.D. from Navarro Orthodontix Irving TX

Meet Dr. Carlos Francisco Navarro, D.D.S., M.S.D.

Skill and compassion go hand in hand when providing exceptional patient care. As a Orthodontic professional, I stay up to date on the latest advancements in Orthodontics in order to provide the most current treatment options for my patients.

As a doctor, I recognize that my patients are unique individuals who have placed a great deal of trust in me and my team. That is just one reason why I value each and every patient relationship.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit this site and find out more about this Orthodontic practice, my team, and the many services we can provide to help you achieve optimum oral health.

Latest Techniques

From utilizing Aligner Technology, including Invisalign and the swift-acting Distaligner, to implementing Accelerated Orthodontics and Computer-Generated Individualized Treatments, our practice is dedicated to integrating innovations that enhance precision and reduce treatment durations. 

Innovative Technology

Our commitment to technological integration not only facilitates optimal treatment outcomes but also fosters a dynamic, efficient, and patient-friendly environment, aligning smiles with the future of orthodontic excellence.

Certified Experts

Dr. Carlos Francisco Navarro, DDS, MSD, and our professional team bring to the table not just degrees and certifications, but a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the nuanced art and science of orthodontics. 

Orthodontix Care for The Whole Family

Navarro Orthodontix extends a warm, inclusive welcome to family members of all ages, ensuring personalized, expert orthodontic solutions from childhood through adulthood, crafting generations of radiant smiles with utmost precision and care.


Adult Care


Child Care

We are A Full Service Orthodontics Practice

At Navarro Orthodontix, we are a Full Service Orthodontics Practice, offering a comprehensive range of tailored treatments from traditional braces to innovative aligner technology, ensuring every patient’s journey to a perfect smile is expertly managed under one roof.


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Our Orthodontist

Dr. Carlos Francisco Navarro, DDS, MSD, combines his extensive expertise and compassionate approach to deliver exceptional, personalized orthodontic care, crafting each smile with a meticulous eye and a profound commitment to enhancing oral health and aesthetics.

Carlos Francisco Navarro, D.D.S., M.S.D. from Navarro Orthodontix Irving TX

Dr. Carlos Francisco Navarro, DDS, MSD


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You’re In good Hands

Choosing Navarro Orthodontix for your orthodontic care means placing your smile in the adept and assured hands of a team dedicated to excellence and individualized patient experience. Dr. Carlos Francisco Navarro, DDS, MSD, epitomizes a fusion of profound expertise, extensive experience, and a heartfelt commitment to creating radiant smiles in an environment that is comforting and uplifting. Each member of our team is meticulously selected to ensure our practice perpetuates a legacy of delivering top-tier care with a gentle, patient-centric approach, making certain that your journey towards a stunning smile is as delightful as the result.

Entrusting your orthodontic journey with us is to immerse yourself in a haven where every aspect of your care is underlined by a combination of advanced technical proficiency and genuine compassion. From the initial consultation to the unveiling of your transformed smile, we stand alongside you, navigating each step with precision, empathy, and a resolute commitment to realizing your orthodontic aspirations. At Navarro Orthodontix, you are not merely a patient but a valued member of a community where your smile, comfort, and overall wellbeing are celebrated and nurtured with utmost dedication and professional excellence.

Wonderful office for an Orthodontist, Dr Navarro, Dora Front office never had a problem getting ahold of the office and Sandra for putting in effort during her procedures they truly care for their patients. I would recommend them to anyone, they engage directly during consultations and are extremely knowledgeable yet down to earth and very easy to communicate with. The office and staff are all great as well. My experiences have been great each and every time.

Liz C

Dr. Navarro is one of the best doctors I’ve ever met and he does such a wonderful job! Without even knowing me and my son he is willing to help and assist us! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Amber Gott

Great experience! Dora at the front was awesome. She explained the finances easily to me. Dr Navarro has great patient interaction. My daughter is 13 and a bit scared of getting braces. He assured her and explained it to her and put her at ease. Very affordable and great hours. I highly recommend!

Mrs Russell

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